Tuesday, March 24, 2009

List of the Week: Foods that are Gross and/or I will Never Eat

(image via this is why you're fat.)

There are some foods I just won't eat. Don't try to make me, seriously, or we will have a major problem on our hands. These are some of the foods that I will refuse, no matter how dire the circumstance or fancy the company:

  1. Hot dogs. This one's pretty self-explanatory. No one really knows what's in them. I suspect it's--pardon my french--animal junk. As in, down-there parts. But I really don't want to know, and I won't eat them. (Although, I went vegetarian for Lent/at least the month of March, and I'm liking it. I think I'll keep it up.)
  2. Saurkraut. What is that stuff? It smells like the devil's foot-cheese.
  3. Shrimp. Tastes weird, yeah, but it's their shape--like they were surprised when the big net came and got them--that really puts me off. Plus, you have to cut out a big vein full of their feces before you eat them, and that's just icky.
  4. Mayonnaise. It's part oil, part egg, all gross. Plus, it looks like it would sound weird. I know that's strange, but think about it; it has a similar consistency to that silly putty you could buy in the plastic Easter eggs as a kid. They made that fart-like noise when you pushed down on them. That's how mayo would sound in a similar situation, I think.
  5. BLT's. Friends have heard my rant on this on numerous occasions. BACON IS NOT AN ADEQUATE SANDWICH MEAT. There, I said it. Making a sandwich entirely out of sandwich accessories is not okay. Would it kill you to add some turkey to that? THAT would make it a sandwich. It's not gross; it just makes me so angry.
What are some foods that you refuse to eat?

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Tatiana said...

Hahaha. Amy you think way too much about these things. BLT Pizza is really good, have you ever tried it? Oh and thank you for ruining my view of shrimp forever. To answer your question, I eat mostly everything. I love food. As long as my hands are clean, I'm good.