Tuesday, May 5, 2009

List of the Week: Awesome things I wish I could do.

I think I'm a moderately talented person. What I mean is, I think I can complete most tasks I'm given with a certain degree of competency. And I've got some things that I can legitimately call "talents"--like how I can turn a phrase like nobody's business and how I am pretty good at baking and I am good at picking colors that go together and I am also hilarious.

But there are some talents that, if I found out you had one, either A) you would become instantly cooler to me, or B) I would be so jealous of you that I would hate your guts. So here are the awesome talents and awesome things I wish I could do:
  1. Speak another language fluently. My English is pretty good, sure, because I am forced to use it in everyday life. But my Spanish is just passable enough that I could probably read street signs if I were in a Spanish-speaking country, and I could probably ask for a sandwich and directions to the airport, but that's about it. I am so impressed by people who can speak two--heck, three!--languages fluently.
  2. Read music and/or play a classical instrument. I'm looking at you, piano and violin. I once read somewhere that if you haven't learned to read music by age 7 it will always be a foreign language to you. I guess this sort of goes with number one on the list. But piano and violin are such beautiful instruments that require such great skill to play that I consider anyone who is proficient in either to be pretty much a genius.
  3. Gymnastics. Okay, you can bend your body any-which-way you want, AND you can flip through the air? Amazing. But I will never be able to do this, because I am a giant. And not flexible.
  4. Sing. Really sing. There are some people whose voices are so spectacular, they could just be humming and I would be bowled over. I did musical theater throughout high school and middle school, so I met many people with great vocal abilities. I am still totally jealous, considering my own tone-deafness.
  5. Run/bike/swim long distances. Endurance is one of those things I know I'm never going to have; it's just not in my nature. But those people who run marathons or do triathlons are superpeople.
  6. Draw. This is something I legitimately wish I could do because I'm doing a lot of study in Web and graphic design and having some real drawing/artistic ability would be quite helpful. I have friends at art schools who constantly blow me away with what they can do.
Maybe with some hard work, some of these goals are attainable, but for now I am content with envying my friends who CAN do these things.

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