Tuesday, March 17, 2009

List of the Week: Places Where I Can Always Have Fun

There are certain types of places that can lift my mood almost without fail. They are silly, but then, so is my idea of a good time. I've never been one for "da club," so I have to make my own fun. Therefore here is my list of a few places that always entertain me:
  1. The zoo. Any zoo, any where, any time. I love animals. And, while sometimes I get sad if they are in cramped up cages, most of the zoos I've been to have taken pretty great care of their residents. I like animals of all sorts. Hairy, scaly, fishy, it doesn't matter. Although, if they invented an entire puppy zoo, I think I'd have to move there. Too much cuteness for words. I wouldn't be able to stay away.
  2. A Dollar store. I seriously have a hard time resisting a bargain. And I love to find crappy junk and make it not crappy. Give me a couple bucks and I will decorate and re-organize your whole kitchen, for realz. Plus, buying a pack of those mini candy bars and throwing them in the freezer is so good.
  3. My grandma's house. I think most kids with a grandma enjoyed trips to her house. There were candy dishes on almost every available surface. And so. many. tissue boxes. Seriously, I've never seen so much Kleenex in my life. And grandma is always happy to see you and tell you that you look lovely and how she missed you like crazy and all you can think is "Yaayyyyyyyy, hugs!" I love Grandma.
  4. Denny's. I spent many an evening in my high school years at one of these open-all-night, grody old places. Getting french toast at 1 a.m. is always a good idea. (But maybe not for your waist line. But who cares.) And I had some of the best times/conversations of my life there at age 16 with my old friends.
  5. Anywhere with a slide. Whoever decided to attach a flat piece of metal to some tall stairs was a friggin genius. Throw in a couple of swings and some giant metal bars to climb on, and I'm game. Let's go.
As you can see, I am basically 12. But if that's a bad thing then I don't want to be good.

(Actually, being 19 and acting 12 is way fun; actually being 12 sort of blew.)

Where can you always have fun?

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Tatiana said...

I always have fun:

In Reporting lab annoying Marty with my stupid questions she won't answer correctly. lol.