Monday, March 16, 2009

Apron Madness!

Bake and Destroy! just posted a bunch of sweet apron sites, and I've been looking to get me a sweet apron for a while now. I found some on one of the Etsy sellers she posted called Boojiboo and I'm totally going to buy one but I can't decide which. Help me out!

Pink cupcakes with Brown Trim: because cupcakes are the best thing to bake/eat.

Pink cupcakes with hot pink trim: Can't decide if it's too much pink for me.

Blue cupcakes! Cute. This is one of my top choices so far.

Black with bird cages: This is my other top choice.

Blue with yellow flowers: Pretty. But too old-lady?

Lavender flowers: Also pretty. And girly. And, possibly, elderly.

White with trees and orange trim: Oh, I like this one a lot, too! Jeez. How am I going to pick?

Owls: Everyone knows I enjoy owls.

So those are the top contenders. I have no idea what I'm going to pick, but they're all pretty so I know I'll end up with something good.

Off topic:

Annoyance of the week: Built By Wendy sample sale was a couple weeks ago. I ordered this super-cute flowery top-thing for $10 (with shipping it ending up being $21... steeeeeep.), was all excited, found out a few days ago that it's sold out! They returned my money and everything, but still. Totally lame. I have been let down.

Anyway, I'm (not really) watching Dancing with the Stars, waiting for Castle to come on (no, not that Castle.) It's a pretty nice show--Castle, I mean, not DWTS. (Anything that forces Lil Kim to wear clothes is obviously an act of the devil. Not that I enjoy seeing her lady bits all hanging-out and whatnot, but at least when I hear she's been publicly indecent I know some things are right in the world.)

I'm going to go drown under a pile of homework now. Catch you later, internetz.

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