Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Girl's got skillllz.

I like to cook. Really, I do. I wish I had more time, money, resources, skills, metabolism and I could cook and bake and try new things to my heart's content.

But I don't have those things, so I make do with the opportunities I have.

The BF is going away this weekend [to the Super Bowl, no less, which is in Tampa, two hours south of here] so tomorrow night I'm making him dinner. But I don't get out of class until 5 p.m. so I had to do some preparations today. [Shopping, etc.]

I won't tell you what I am making [because no one reads this blog, save the person I am trying to surprise], but I will tell you that it involved a food processor. And no less than 10 seconds in, I broke said food processor.

I have no idea how, or exactly what happened, but the damned thing just would not work. So I used a blender instead.

I do not recommend making that switch.

Anyway, I will give details on my cooking tomorrow or Friday because I came up with some awesome stuff to make that I think will be really good. I'm good at cooking with vegetables. Not so much with meat [because I don't really eat it enough to know how to cook it well] and not so much with baking [because the details sometimes escape me. It's like chemistry], but veggies, I can do. I've been eating them long enough that I understand their individual flavors and textures and cooking reactions much better than other foods.


In other news, the rain makes me a hermit, and I mostly refuse to leave my apartment if it's raining. That makes going to class pretty hard. But, I go anyway because I'm very studious [read as: guilty] and I don't like to miss stuff. But otherwise, if the weekend or evening rolls around and I don't absolutely have to be somewhere, I just won't go out. The rain is icky.

Plus it does awful things to my bangs. The horror!

I did NOT watch Lost again tonight, but that is because I had more important things to do, number one being the Jeopardy online test. I think I only got half the questions right, but I knew waaaayyy more than I expected. If you haven't done so yet, register because tomorrow is the last day to take it. Just make sure to read the details about time zones and all that.

I guess they think that, if you're smart enough to go on Jeopardy, then you should be smart enough to read the instructions for a test on the internetz.

Nothing else exciting happening. BF is going away this weekend, like I said, which will give me ample time to study for a test I have on Monday, but will also give me ample time to miss him, like I always do when I don't see him. Like right now.

Unless I'm doing something crazy interesting.

Which I never am.

Anyway, hugs and kisses and all that. Stay in school. Don't drink and drive.


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Tatiana said...

Sorry I'm being all stalkery. Commenting gives me a sense of power. You forgot "Wear your seat belt."